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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Dance

God is always with me because He resides within me
As I stand united with him, I am most wholly myself
More than at any other time.
He/I move me to the right paths,
If slowly and stumbly sometimes.
We do not always see eye-to-eye on what path to take (my retrospect vision is always so much clearer)
And, if necessary, He takes me and turns me in the right direction
Beginning again on the journey
To the person He has rightly created me to be.
Amazingly, we do this dance over and over.
I step on His toes, we bump into others, careen off walls, (when I am trying to lead)
But the dance goes on.
Hurt toes heal, others forgive, missteps become fluid movement;
Twirls fling me out, then draw me back in.
And when it seems to me that we finally are dancing the same dance
The music changes and I stumble and stop – embarrassed – for a while.
He waits patiently when I need to be a wallflower
Until I am ready for the next dance lesson.
He has already filled in every line on my
Dance card with His gracious name.
And for this I am so grateful
As only He knows the right steps to the next
Dance of life we will share.

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